AWS CLI: AWS CLI version 2. Tips and tricks. Part 1. Wizard

AWS on re:Invent 2020 announced many new features and enhancements to AWS CLI. In this post I will try to describe some Wizard features which boosts productivity:

Let us quickly remind ourselves about command structure:

Every command starts with (guess what ) — aws, followed by service, then operation and then by parameters.

However, not all of us are AWS CLI gurus, and re-reading documentation every time to add all necessary parameters significantly slows down the process. Here is a useful feature: AWS CLI wizard command.

In the example below I will create a new DynamoDB table

The wizard feature is fantastic.

Please note:

Note: DynamoDB option returns error with wizard available, while Lightsail does not.

In summary. The Wizard feature boosts productivity for beginners and gurus alike.

Stay tuned for Part 2!



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