AWS — Infrastructure as Code Tutorial — Setting Prerequisites

This article explains setting prerequisites to Tutorial: AWS Infrastructure as Code — this is part of another project, and I am happy to share it. Each lesson in this tutorial will cover 3 ways to work with AWS Infrastructure as Code:

You do not need to follow all of the methods, just the one which you are interested in. This tutorial will be updated once a week. Some lessons will be based on Windows, some on Linux, or MacOS. I recommend running this in VM, or AWS Lightsail or Docker container where you can install all of the components below — you will need to install VSCode server then. If it is requested, I will also record videos.

OK, you need:

If there are any questions about setting up any of the above steps, please let me know, I can write a quick tutorial.




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John Gakhokidze

John Gakhokidze

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