AWS Outposts — Part 1. General, Economics, Ordering process.

  1. AWS Native

Why Outpost vs Snowball

  • Snowball Edge is designed for environments with bad to no connectivity (cruise ships, remote locations, restricted locations)
  • Outposts is targeting on-premises, connected environments.

AWS Outposts potential customers

  • Institutions which do not want to invest much in entry level technical personnel
  • Enterprises, which have heavy presence in AWS, but still need to maintain local workloads due to various reasons
  • Companies which needs global access — telecom, broadcasting
  • Manufacturing (IOT, Data Analytics, CAD, ML etc.)
  • Financial services, healthcare -probably fit to one of the first 2 categories


  • Besides general benefits covered in another Forbes article there are monetary values in AWS Outposts offering.
  • It will save hardware support contract with vendor, after standard support expires usually 1 year, or with 3rd party hardware support — $XX-$XX per/mo per server
  • If organization is heavily on AWS cloud, it is logical choice to switch to EC2 virtualization from VMware, as it is provides cost saving on VMmare licensing — $XXX per/mo per server — Vsphere Standard (3 years lifetime), and vCenter license $XXXX
  • Hardware cost (example General purpose mid range instance) 192 cores without HyperThreading, 768 GB memory
  • Potential saving during growth 1 SysAdmin position $XXXXX-$XXXXX per/year
  • Full support from AWS for Outposts hardware and firmware
  • Enterprise Support, which provides 24x7 remote support within 15 mins.
  • Requires AWS Enterprise support — min $15000 monthly, in case company is not already on Enterprise Support plan
  • Not all OSes are supported in AWS (Solaris, old Windows, SCO Unix etc)
  • Some licensing limitations, which requires dedicated host for existing licenses (Oracle etc.,)
  • Branches may require expensive networking upgrades to fully benefit Outposts.
  • Branches may require new AWS skilled personnel, or skills upgrade, if decoupled units are stepping in AWS.
  • If there are plans to use hardware beyond industry lifetime cycle Outposts is not a money saving option
  • Not available in all countries

Ordering AWS Outposts



  • Create Site
  • Create Outpost
  • Select Outpost
  • Select VPC and CIDR, click “Create”
  • AWS Outposts is choice between saving money on hardware with old style IT processes, and spending more — assuming new skilled personnel is required , but speeding up innovation cycle. Ratio needs to be determined by HR and corresponding departments.
  • AWS Outposts is natural evolution of on-premises compute/storage resources, providing hybrid cloud options.
  • AWS Outposts with new upcoming 1U, 2U units will be targeting every company on the market and probably will remove Enterprise Support level requirement (My guess)
  • AWS Outposts 42U racks, potentially will bring also monetary value to Enterprise, besides tightly integrating on-premises and cloud, while providing data isolation and security.



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