AWS Workshops — Ongoing list

This is list to keep up with AWS published Workshops during different events. It is handy tool to practice in unknown field, when solution is not present in your company.
We will periodically review it, and update. Any suggestions or broken links reports are welcome.

AWS Management, Governance, Monitoring



AWS Control Tower

AWS Redshift

AWS Migration and Modernization GameDay


AWS OpenShift

AWS Networking


AWS Athena

AWS Database Migration

AWS Learn To Code — Python

AWS CloudFromation

AWS Dynatrace

AWS Modernization Workshops — about 10 Workshops

AWS Management Tools — 8 Workshops

AWS Security Workshops — 15 Workshops

AWS Data Engineering Workshops

AWS Observability Workshop

AWS EMR — Apache Hudi Workshop

AWS EMR — Migration

AWS WellArchitected labs — 6 Pillars

TorchServe on AWS — PyTorch model serving on AWS

103 Labs from Thanks to Eric Hammond [AWS Hero]

Update 11/13/20

AWS AppMesh

AWS IOT Device Management Workshop




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John Gakhokidze

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